In Our Community

People dont seem to know how involved I am in the local community (to be fair I tend to keep my head down pushing things forward than make a grandiose display). There is a lot of wonderful creative people out there wanting to deliver big and interesting things for the community and I am arguably […]

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Fantastic Wedding Photography Offer!

From the 15th of January 2016 till the 29th of February 2016, if you book a wedding for 2016 and 2017 you can get 15% off our main package prices. No codes or promotional items required, its as simple as that! The only terms and conditions are those already applicable to the prices (booking fee, […]

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Spend £50 On Prints And Get 10% Off.

Right now, we have a sale on in our online galleries! Spend £50 or more and you can claim 10% off till the end of January. This is applicable to all our galleries, landscape prints, weddings, portraits and portfolios. Simply enter the code when asked and claim your money off. km2443 Happy New Year to […]

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What’s Involved In Shooting A Wedding?

10 Hour Wedding Total Time Cost

So, what’s involved in shooting a wedding? outside of fancy cameras and being “arty”? Recently I was in discussion with a fellow artist, it was relating to the typical things we do with our lines of work. The one thing that astounded me was that no matter what our particular speciality is there is a […]

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Would You Believe We Also Sell Landscape Photos?

Indeed its true! I do get asked all the time if I sell landscape photos of Carrick in all sorts of places, and until recently I never really sold landscape photos outside of commercial interests. Well, that’s soon to change, I am having albums put together of Landscape photos that can be ordered from that will […]

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Swimwear Photography, and Beach Photoshoots

Swimwear Photography

For years I have been neglecting the coastline we are actually blessed with (forgetting the midge), and a few weeks back we got a break in the weather! So were out on a, all be it windy day, a couple of bikini sets, with the brave model Alison who was a star and a saint. […]

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Ayrshire Prom Photography

Its coming up for that time again where Prom Photography Season is about to kick in and everyone is looking for Ball and Prom Photographers. Event photography for dinner evenings, balls, proms, and other functions are a great time for setups like photobooths, and its something we have extensive experience in, for many events including some […]

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How Does A Photo Look On Your Screen?

So, how does a photo look on your screen? And have you ever stopped and compared it to others? You screen could be ruining the quality of your photo. Do you see strange colour shifts? make comments about how you look or your skin? it s often down to colour calibration and colour management. And if […]

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Commercial Photography Pricing Guide

Commercial Photography by Anthony Dawson

Welcome to our commercial photography pricing guide. This although not listing prices which vary on the complexity of the job, is intended to give you a understanding of what to expect when hiring a professional photographer. So, when you first ring a photographer, they should ask a sequence of questions to determine where you classify […]

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Preparing For A Photoshoot, Tips For Models!

Natalie Kate Hodge

So You’ve Booked A Photoshoot, keep reading about preparing for a photoshoot, tips and general advice! For photoshoot tips, this is aimed at those doing model portfolios, and actors head-shots/agency photos. But much can apply for commercial portraits too, just exchange the clothes for a suit! Well first of all lets look to the wardrobe, as […]

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