Commercial Photography Pricing Guide

Commercial Photography by Anthony Dawson

Welcome to our commercial photography pricing guide. This although not listing prices which vary on the complexity of the job, is intended to give you a understanding of what to expect when hiring a professional photographer. So, when you first ring a photographer, they should ask a sequence of questions to determine where you classify […]

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Preparing For A Photoshoot, Tips For Models!

Natalie Kate Hodge

So You’ve Booked A Photoshoot, keep reading about preparing for a photoshoot, tips and general advice! For photoshoot tips, this is aimed at those doing model portfolios, and actors head-shots/agency photos. But much can apply for commercial portraits too, just exchange the clothes for a suit! Well first of all lets look to the wardrobe, as […]

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Turnberry Wedding Photography, Michelle and Mark

Here we have one beautiful example of Turnberry Wedding Photography I have photographed, today featuring Michelle and Mark set against the backdrop of the iconic Turnberry Resort and Hotel. Being a typical wedding I photograph at Turnberry, this was a small and intimate wedding with only the most immediate of family attending, meaning there was a great deal of […]

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Merry Christmas from Anthony Dawson Photography

Hello to everyone, I would like to end this year, at this festive season, to extend my huge thanks and warm hugs to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with through 2014. From weddings, to waters sports, distilleries to golf, hotels, portraits, museums, cheese, theatres, dance, the list goes on. I have had […]

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Commercial Photography Contract.

This Commercial Photography Contract shall be legally binding for all and any work undertaken by Barry Anthony Dawson and the respective clients. All work undertaken on behalf of the client shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. No work shall be undertaken until the conditions are agreed to. DEFINITIONS. For the purpose of this […]

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Lost Images, protecting digital images and backing up.

Big ouch! protecting digital images, You have a scratched CD of all your wedding images, you left it in the sun, dropped it in the bath, accidentally incinerated it on the BBQ, and now your images are lost for ever! Sounds far fetched but it happens to everyone at some point or other, and when it […]

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Girvan Lowland Gathering 2014 & Hill Race

Good Morning, todays feature is the Girvan Lowland Gathering 2014 & Hill Race After an interesting weekend and another Lowland gathering we would like to show you some of the photographs we took of the hill run on the day! Including a few muddy ones. Most seemed to have stamina that I wish I had, and […]

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Straiton Struggle, Featuring Ayr Roads CC

Good Morning Ayrshire. Today I would like to shot you the photos taken from a relaxing day out watching the cycling. Featuring the Straiton Struggle Cycle Road Race, run by Harry Fairburn – Ayr Roads CC this was a hilly circuit around the local country side, kicking off in Straiton with a sizeable turnout and by […]

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Is Your Wedding Photographer Legitimate? They May Be Using Stolen Images!

Wedding Photography, Fernhill Hotel Portpatrick.

Welcome to the latest article about an ever growing problem that is copyright theft, fake photographers, stolen images, and yet more worryingly people buying wedding photos and using them as their own work for their business! Today I will be explaining what has been happening, what to expect, and what you can do to spot […]

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Conceptual Photography, Ayrshire Photographer

Well there is supposed to be an image out of camera here. Are you viewing this image from 30 years in the past?

As promised is a finished image from our Conceptual Photography project. The project itself is moving on smoothly I am pleased to say and there are a great deal more in this individual set alone to still be worked upon in my spare time. The image was originally designed to denote cold, and winter. Using […]

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