Commercial Photographers Scotland

Ayrshire Prom Photography

Its coming up for that time again where Prom Photography Season is about to kick in and everyone is looking for Ball and Prom Photographers. Event photography for dinner evenings, balls, proms, and other functions are a great time for setups like photobooths, and its something we have extensive experience in, for many events including some […]

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Commercial Photography Pricing Guide

Commercial Photography by Anthony Dawson

Welcome to our commercial photography pricing guide. This although not listing prices which vary on the complexity of the job, is intended to give you a understanding of what to expect when hiring a professional photographer. So, when you first ring a photographer, they should ask a sequence of questions to determine where you classify […]

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Merry Christmas from Anthony Dawson Photography

Hello to everyone, I would like to end this year, at this festive season, to extend my huge thanks and warm hugs to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with through 2014. From weddings, to waters sports, distilleries to golf, hotels, portraits, museums, cheese, theatres, dance, the list goes on. I have had […]

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Commercial Photography Contract.

This Commercial Photography Contract shall be legally binding for all and any work undertaken by Barry Anthony Dawson and the respective clients. All work undertaken on behalf of the client shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. No work shall be undertaken until the conditions are agreed to. DEFINITIONS. For the purpose of this […]

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Natural Light, Challenges For Photography

Today, I am going to start explaining some of the effects and difficulties a photographer experiences with light out in the field. To start off, when I say “in the field” I mean anywhere I do not have a studio environment, so things that contribute to the light include lamps, sun, windows, reflective surfaces etc. […]

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Commcerial Photography, The Whisky Experience, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire

Today, I feature some of my commercial photography featuring The Whisky Experience in Kirkoswald South Ayrshire. These images are to be used by The Whisky Experience and for tourism purposes including Carrick Ayrshire and Visit Scotland. Mini Review Now, for my mini review of the shoot and the whisky experience! Well, I like a tipple […]

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