Fashion Photography Ayrshire

Some Model Portfolio Photography!

Today, let’s take a look at our model Natasha modelling fashion. Well our own take on it! This was a shoot concept that has been sort of developing over the past 2>3 years and will continue to with time. The basic concept was black lace with the intent of it being moody, with lots of […]

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Easter Holidays Availability.

Hi everyone, and thanks for checking back. With the easter holidays fast approaching, so here is an update on what I have planned. Commissioned Work: I have certain commision work in my books, there are models portfolios booked. I am also taking requests for portraiture, with the spring being here (albeit variably) its a great […]

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Becoming A Model And Keeping Safe

Becoming A Model And Keeping Safe, an image is supposed to be here.

So you are seriously looking into becoming a model, you’ve browsed the net for inspiration, practiced in front of the mirror, done some research on photographers, and now looking to arrange your first shoot. Whats missing? – Safety. Whether you are a total newby to the creative world, or had more experience this post is about becoming […]

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Why Get Into Modelling?


Why Get Into Modelling? Is a question I asked models far and wide, having worked with models of all ilks, from those for commercial jobs, complete newbies to the job, people looking just for some fun photos, or people that answer castings intrigued in the artistic process I thought it would be helpful to understand the reasoning […]

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Swimwear Photography, and Beach Photoshoots

Swimwear Photography

For years I have been neglecting the coastline we are actually blessed with (forgetting the midge), and a few weeks back we got a break in the weather! So were out on a, all be it windy day, a couple of bikini sets, with the brave model Alison who was a star and a saint. […]

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Preparing For A Photoshoot, Tips For Models!

Natalie Kate Hodge

So You’ve Booked A Photoshoot, keep reading about preparing for a photoshoot, tips and general advice! For photoshoot tips, this is aimed at those doing model portfolios, and actors head-shots/agency photos. But much can apply for commercial portraits too, just exchange the clothes for a suit! Well first of all lets look to the wardrobe, as […]

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Merry Christmas from Anthony Dawson Photography

Hello to everyone, I would like to end this year, at this festive season, to extend my huge thanks and warm hugs to everyone I have had the pleasure of working with through 2014. From weddings, to waters sports, distilleries to golf, hotels, portraits, museums, cheese, theatres, dance, the list goes on. I have had […]

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Portfolio Photography, Sunset Beach Shoots

There is truly no better time to shoot than now, you have long sunsets, warm weather and beautiful light. And on my door step I seem to have missed a favourable asset that is Girvan Beach. Seriously! I normally avoid sand as it gets everywhere but I think the results of the shoot not intended […]

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