Some Model Portfolio Photography!

Today, let’s take a look at our model Natasha modelling fashion. Well our own take on it! This was a shoot concept that has been sort of developing over the past 2>3 years and will continue to with time. The basic concept was black lace with the intent of it being moody, with lots of […]

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Swimwear Model & Beach Photography

Say hello to today’s swimwear model Paula. Its not very often I get personal shoots where I get to play, and examine and learn. But this was one of those days, and one of those shoots featuring today’s model Paula. Paula had contacted me previously about a certain beach image with a model backlit against […]

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Preparing For A Photoshoot, Tips For Models!

Natalie Kate Hodge

So You’ve Booked A Photoshoot, keep reading about preparing for a photoshoot, tips and general advice! For photoshoot tips, this is aimed at those doing model portfolios, and actors head-shots/agency photos. But much can apply for commercial portraits too, just exchange the clothes for a suit! Well first of all lets look to the wardrobe, as […]

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