Ayrshire Wedding Photographers

Fantastic Wedding Photography Offer!

From the 15th of January 2016 till the 29th of February 2016, if you book a wedding for 2016 and 2017 you can get 15% off our main package prices. No codes or promotional items required, its as simple as that! The only terms and conditions are those already applicable to the prices (booking fee, […]

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What’s Involved In Shooting A Wedding?

10 Hour Wedding Total Time Cost

So, what’s involved in shooting a wedding? outside of fancy cameras and being “arty”? Recently I was in discussion with a fellow artist, it was relating to the typical things we do with our lines of work. The one thing that astounded me was that no matter what our particular speciality is there is a […]

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Natural Light, Challenges For Photography

Today, I am going to start explaining some of the effects and difficulties a photographer experiences with light out in the field. To start off, when I say “in the field” I mean anywhere I do not have a studio environment, so things that contribute to the light include lamps, sun, windows, reflective surfaces etc. […]

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Same Sex Marriage Photography Ayrshire and South West Scotland.

On the 4th of February here in Scotland the same sex marriage bill was passed. A landmark in itself and one I intend to announce my support for as a gay friendly wedding photographers. Sadly, as of yet writing this I have not been commissioned for a same sex marriage (or engagement shoot), and sadly […]

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New Year Wedding Photography Offer.

To celebrate the new year we are practically giving away our services! From now until valentines day we are offering £100 off our main wedding fee’s on the website, meaning you can have your wedding covered for as little as £475. A truly insane offer still coming with the same level of service all our […]

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Portpatrick Wedding of Laura and Steve.

Fernhill Hotel Portpatrick Wedding Photography

Today I would like to give you a preview of a small weekend wedding in the picturesque location of Portpatrick, Near Stranraer in Dumfries and Galloway. A late season wedding the weather was anyone’s guess for the day, showing signs of being good and bad (and everything in-between), as it happened it held out for […]

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Destination Weddings, South West Scottish Photographer Anthony Dawson.

Here we have my first ever destination weddings of Charlene and Joe in the hot and sunny backdrop of Zakynthos in Greece. Charlene and Joe met in Greece so to them this was a wedding with great sentimental value, and both were incredible hosts and people to work with for my first wedding outside of […]

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wedding photography CD Folios

Another beautiful CD folio received from a fantastic wedding by Anthony Dawson Ayrshire and Stranraer Photographer. Featuring Emma and Lee. Wedding photographs to be featured soon!

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Do You Supply A Second Photographer?

Indeed I can! But I have a fairly strict policy when it comes to sourcing and supplying a second photographer. For me no token photographer or dummy will do, I want a photographer who won’t need to ask “what’s next” and be able to put their own ingenuity, their own creativity into the wedding and whilst they are at it […]

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