Commcerial Photography, The Whisky Experience, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire

Today, I feature some of my commercial photography featuring The Whisky Experience in Kirkoswald South Ayrshire. These images are to be used by The Whisky Experience and for tourism purposes including Carrick Ayrshire and Visit Scotland.

Mini Review

Now, for my mini review of the shoot and the whisky experience!
Well, I like a tipple on a rare occasion so while I was there I took a good look around, and Raphael was not only very welcoming but very informative! A great start to any business as far as I am concerned, and an even greater asset to a shoot when there is a comfortable environment between participants.

Now I don’t want to give information away but there is a reason the establishment is called The Whisky Experience. I came away knowing details of history, production, factors in tasting, a new perception of brands and quality as well as a whole other range of facts you may never have considered while pouring a measure. And me being an information junkie and liking to learn something new where ever I go, this place suited me to a T.

So much so I recommend everyone try it!

But, that is not all, bearing in mind this is “The Whisky Experience” and the wealth of information I was given while there I felt it important not just to get a basic set of commercial shots, but to capture the character here.
All around there were little bits relating to the industry, be it small tools, novelties, special editions, promotional items, even shavings from casks! which were all important in greater picture and welcoming ambience and character of the place, which I made sure to capture.

So, here are some of the results of the images shot, and if you keep watching you may well see them in literature, of which I know The Whisky Experience already are.


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