In Our Community

People dont seem to know how involved I am in the local community (to be fair I tend to keep my head down pushing things forward than make a grandiose display).
There is a lot of wonderful creative people out there wanting to deliver big and interesting things for the community and I am arguably one of them that wants to drive it as best I can with the time I have.
Among the many things I tend to do, a lot is taken up meeting people, discussing, trying to raise revenue, plot and bluster.
And I was at a meeting with certain people in relation to organisation and I was surprised to hear, we have a group in own own academy who are going out and doing lots of little video projects and have been funded and nurtured over well over a year.
From what I was told, they are motivated and skilled and what really caught me out was I had heard nothing about them before this point!
But thinking back, I do recall an instance of seeing a group of kids with an obvious camera setup in the town, but really thought nothing of it (frankly I should know better).

And I think its really important to bring this up, as there is actually a need for them working with all these community projects going on, they have skills and lots of these groups are subsequently a means to advertise themselves! And I am technically shooting myself in the foot slightly with this as I am getting pulled left and right people wanting me to film and photograph the projects in no small part to advertise and aid them with funding applications (with non that I have worked with being profit making, purely operating in the interests of the community).

So to anyone local consider this a collaborative reach out!