Thanks for visiting by the website, I am a Girvan based photographer who covers Scotland, though mainly Ayrshire, Galloway, Glasgow and the central belt.

My main focus is commercial photography, with a wide scope from food to editorials, corporate events to products. Please check out the main page for commercial photography for examples and explanation of exactly how I can help you as a photographer, or get in touch for a consultation.

I also shoot weddings  limiting the number of weddings I also has the added benefit of being able to put more work into your individual wedding than someone who needs to shoot 60 a year to make a living. Call by the weddings page to learn more, all the pricing and structure is there for easy reference.

Finally portfolios for actors and models, whether you are submitting to an agency, looking to learn the ropes, or just take a great experience away with you be it images for your wall or a serious confidence boost, get in touch, check out the portfolios page, or see the blog for a range of informative articles to help you be better prepared.

Look forward to hearing from you all.