about me.

Thats me, right there.

I’ve been using cameras since high school, I will leave you guessing how long ago that actually was (your quote may increase or decrease with your answer).

My real interest taking hold when I had opportunity to travel and work my way halfway around the world, which was when I also made my first real sales of photos to various travel companies. So I can say I am internationally published in more than one regard.

Time passes, we mature, life changes, and so has what I photograph.

My primary focus is now commercial and performance based photography, though I still dabble in weddings where its unique or exciting.

This is a job that carries more than just a study of light, its of the subject whatever it may be, of people, psychology, posture, science. So much goes into a photograph beyond light and a camera.

This is what I bring to my work, its what drives me, an insatiable curiosity. Ask anyone I have ever worked with how many questions I ask to best effect. Which is also why I am a go to for many companies with their Research and Development.

Also, as you might see from behind the scenes, I am a little bit eccentric. There’s a practical reason for it, it’s great working with teams of people, it helps others with anxiety, and it allows me to burn off excessive amounts of energy I bring to any photoshoot.

On final thing, thank you to the 7 year old I was photographing, who I handed my camera you could barely hold up, and took my all time favourite portrait of me right here. You did what no other could.