Are Wedding Albums Out? Are They Even Needed Any More?

To open up are wedding albums out? No, they may be temporarily out of fashion with some client bases with the idea of digital files ruling, but they are by no means kicking the bucket and if anything are even better than ever before in terms of quality standards.

Are they needed any-more? yes, absolutely.

Digital files may be ruling the thoughts of a lot of people at the moment but the facts are relatively simple, nothing today serves as well as a long term storage solution as a printed album!

Computers can fail, hard drives can crash, files can and do become corrupted. CD’s become scratched and what most people don’t know is that they slowly degrade anyway, even professional organisations including the police know that a CD starts to loose detail on a notable level after only 5 years.

The reality is that in terms of progress we don’t have any better way of storing information than engraving in stone in a cave.

So with this in mind is where the importance of a album comes in to play.

A good quality album with good quality prints work well together to protect the contents for decades to come.

Prints use UV resistant inks on quality papers that prevent bleaching, should be moisture resistant and be treated for fungi and mold which is a plague on many old manuscripts.

Albums use a clever binding and materials that allow the prints to breath stopping condensation and mould, and protect them in many other ways as well as being durable.

Now some will be saying “I can get an album from Photobox for £20”, well here’s the reality check, the papers cheep and not very durable, the inks fade easy, the binding is prone to tear as is the paper.

And I can say that with conviction as I have one that’s perhaps pushing on 8 years old now and all the images on all pages despite being stored in the dry and relative dark place away from moisture and only having light handling is showing stains on all the pages, the ink is fading especially when compared to the computer screen showing the originals, and the binding feels slack.

The other argument often heard by some is that you only view the album once then it gets stored away and never looked at again. Awkwardly this is said by people who have only been married a few years and fail to see the point of even having photographs.

Photographs are a standing testimonial to the wedding day, you wont look at them everyday (who does) but we all have moments where we wish to reminisce whether its in 5 or 50 years time, they are the only item that lingers around.

You don’t miss them while they are there, but when you need them and they are gone? Think we have all been there, myself included.

So with all that as food for thought, I hope it has been helpful to some one and given you incite into the purpose and reasoning of having an album.