Professional Property Photography

Property Photography Examples WM – 003

Professional Property Photography is a service we offer for real estate agents, landlords, and those with holiday homes to rent out. Its a pretty simple concept that quality photography conveys a perception of quality to the person viewing it, and professional property photography is no different. So clean,  high detailed well proportioned images for your … Read more…

Why Get Into Modelling?

Nicole Pogmore

Why Get Into Modelling? Is a question I asked models far and wide, having worked with models of all ilks, from those for commercial jobs, complete newbies to the job, people looking just for some fun photos, or people that answer castings intrigued in the artistic process I thought it would be helpful to understand the reasoning … Read more…

Ayrshire Prom Photography

002 Events Photos Samples

Its coming up for that time again where Prom Photography Season is about to kick in and everyone is looking for Ball and Prom Photographers. Event photography for dinner evenings, balls, proms, and other functions are a great time for setups like photobooths, and its something we have extensive experience in, for many events including some … Read more…

Turnberry Wedding Photography, Michelle and Mark

Turnberry Lighthouse Landscape Photography Featuring Ailsa Craig And Blue Sky

Here we have one beautiful example of Turnberry Wedding Photography I have photographed, today featuring Michelle and Mark set against the backdrop of the iconic Turnberry Resort and Hotel. Being a typical wedding I photograph at Turnberry, this was a small and intimate wedding with only the most immediate of family attending, meaning there was a great deal of … Read more…

Commercial Photography Contract.

This Commercial Photography Contract shall be legally binding for all and any work undertaken by Barry Anthony Dawson and the respective clients. All work undertaken on behalf of the client shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. No work shall be undertaken until the conditions are agreed to. DEFINITIONS. For the purpose of this … Read more…

Tribal Shoot, Personal Project

Hi folks, its been an incredibly busy time for me lately of which I will be happy to explain all when I finish at the end of this month.

In the mean time, here are a few images from a personal project I have wanted to get started for quite some time also showing my fashion and editorial photography. The theme was a tribal one and will be branching off in several directions, men and women, props, no props, tattoos and so on so expect more to come in the next year or so.

This set of images features our model Amber, makeup and hair by Amy Louise, wigs by Geisha Wigs, and flowers by Country Flower. As well as fashion by undisclosed suppliers.

The weather on the day was a constant threat of rain, but that didn’t stop us, and the bravery paid off! it was great fun (as it always is) and the team were a credit to the professions.

So, a man of only a few words I will leave it there and let you sample my work.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


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Emma and Lee

Today I feature one of my longer distance weddings. I don’t just plod around in Scotland you know! Here we have the small wedding of Emma and Lee, shot entirely at Rogerthorpe Manor in Yorkshire this is one of my weddings from referrals and connections. Having known Emma (and briefly meeting Lee) in a previous … Read more…