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Preparing For A Photoshoot, Tips For Models!

Gaynor Finals 24 02 2016 – Recolour 1

So You’ve Booked A Photoshoot, keep reading about preparing for a photoshoot, tips for models and general advice! For photoshoot tips, this is aimed at those doing model portfolios, and actors head-shots/agency photos. But much can apply for commercial portraits too, just exchange the clothes for a suit! Well first of all lets look to the […]

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Weddings At Dalduff Farm And Barn

Dalduff Wedding Photography Maybole Ayrshire Scotland Anthony Dawson Photography

Time to cover some Ayrshire weddings at certain Ayrshire wedding venues, starting with one just down the road from me with food so good it leaves me feeling like a hog ready for the roast; Dalduff Barn and Farm. Dalduff Barn (as it trades as for weddings), is one of those little nooks of South […]

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Some Model Portfolio Photography!

Professional Photoshoots, Modelling Portfolios, Head Shots, And Beautiful Portraits In Ayrshire, Kilmarnock, Glasgow, Girvan

Today, let’s take a look at our model Natasha modelling fashion. Well our own take on it! This was a shoot concept that has been sort of developing over the past 2>3 years and will continue to with time. The basic concept was black lace with the intent of it being moody, with lots of […]

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New Years Wedding Offer!

Wedding Photography Castle Hotel Stranraer

Happy New Year to all those visiting. Today I announce the new year’s special offer for all weddings. 10% off the main packages on the site. To qualify for this offer, your wedding has to be in 2017 or 2018, Ayrshire or Galloway, booking one of the main packages listed on the weddings page, and […]

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Mens Modelling Portfolio, Featuring Alex

Male Modeling Portfolios And Photoshoots In Scotland, Ayrshire, Kilmarnock, Glasgow

Welcome back! Its not very often I get to shoot male talent (not helped by the lack of them available), but today for a mens modelling portfolio would like to feature the half Greek, artist and actor Alex. We were aiming to do a male interpretation of the women’s beach photoshoots, but as it was cold […]

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Professional Property Photography

Property Photography Examples WM – 003

Professional Property Photography is a service we offer for real estate agents, landlords, and those with holiday homes to rent out. Its a pretty simple concept that quality photography conveys a perception of quality to the person viewing it, and professional property photography is no different. So clean,  high detailed well proportioned images for your […]

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Swimwear Model & Beach Photography

Beach Bikini Modelling Photoshoots Ayrshire, Scotland

Say hello to today’s swimwear model Paula. Its not very often I get personal shoots where I get to play, and examine and learn. But this was one of those days, and one of those shoots featuring today’s model Paula. Paula had contacted me previously about a certain beach image with a model backlit against […]

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Becoming A Model And Keeping Safe

Becoming A Model And Keeping Safe

So you are seriously looking into becoming a model, you’ve browsed the net for inspiration, practiced in front of the mirror, done some research on photographers, and now looking to arrange your first shoot. Whats missing? – Safety. Whether you are a total newby to the creative world, or had more experience this post is about becoming […]

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Why Get Into Modelling?

Nicole Pogmore

Why Get Into Modelling? Is a question I asked models far and wide, having worked with models of all ilks, from those for commercial jobs, complete newbies to the job, people looking just for some fun photos, or people that answer castings intrigued in the artistic process I thought it would be helpful to understand the reasoning […]

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Creative Collaborations With Photography.

Professional Makeup Artist Photography Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Ayrshire

Creative Collaborations; The coming together of multiple people of multiple backgrounds and skill sets with a unified goal to create something aesthetically beautiful. Its quite a simple notion really and one I actually love to do, but its not been without its pitfalls and people wanting to pervert it to be a sole beneficiary. But […]

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How Does A Photo Look On Your Screen?

So, how does a photo look on your screen? And have you ever stopped and compared it to others? You screen could be ruining the quality of your photo. Do you see strange colour shifts? make comments about how you look or your skin? it s often down to colour calibration and colour management. And if […]

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What’s Involved In Shooting A Wedding?

10 Hour Wedding Time Graph

So, what’s involved in shooting a wedding? outside of fancy cameras and being “arty”? Recently I was in discussion with a fellow artist, it was relating to the typical things we do with our lines of work. The one thing that astounded me was that no matter what our particular speciality is there is a […]

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Would You Believe We Also Sell Landscape Photos?

Dunure Castle

Indeed its true! I do get asked all the time if I sell landscape photos of Carrick in all sorts of places, and until recently I never really sold landscape photos outside of commercial interests. Well, that’s soon to change, I am having albums put together of Landscape photos that can be ordered from that will […]

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Swimwear Photography, and Beach Photoshoots

Sea and Beach Modelling, professional photo shoot Ayrshire

For years I have been neglecting the coastline we are actually blessed with (forgetting the midge), and a few weeks back we got a break in the weather! So were out on a, all be it windy day, a couple of bikini sets, with the brave model Alison who was a star and a saint. […]

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Ayrshire Prom Photography

002 Events Photos Samples

Its coming up for that time again where Prom Photography Season is about to kick in and everyone is looking for Ball and Prom Photographers. Event photography for dinner evenings, balls, proms, and other functions are a great time for setups like photobooths, and its something we have extensive experience in, for many events including some […]

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Turnberry Wedding Photography, Michelle and Mark

Turnberry Lighthouse Landscape Photography Featuring Ailsa Craig And Blue Sky

Here we have one beautiful example of Turnberry Wedding Photography I have photographed, today featuring Michelle and Mark set against the backdrop of the iconic Turnberry Resort and Hotel. Being a typical wedding I photograph at Turnberry, this was a small and intimate wedding with only the most immediate of family attending, meaning there was a great deal of […]

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Commercial Photography Contract.

This Commercial Photography Contract shall be legally binding for all and any work undertaken by Barry Anthony Dawson and the respective clients. All work undertaken on behalf of the client shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. No work shall be undertaken until the conditions are agreed to. DEFINITIONS. For the purpose of this […]

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Lost Images, protecting digital images and backing up.

Big ouch! protecting digital images, You have a scratched CD of all your wedding images, you left it in the sun, dropped it in the bath, accidentally incinerated it on the BBQ, and now your images are lost for ever! Sounds far fetched but it happens to everyone at some point or other, and when it […]

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Girvan Lowland Gathering 2014 & Hill Race

ailsa-craig-1Landscape Photography Ayrshire Coastline Ailsa Craig Girvan.

Good Morning, todays feature is the Girvan Lowland Gathering 2014 & Hill Race After an interesting weekend and another Lowland gathering we would like to show you some of the photographs we took of the hill run on the day! Including a few muddy ones. Most seemed to have stamina that I wish I had, and […]

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Is Your Wedding Photographer Legitimate? They May Be Using Stolen Images!

Small Weddings Portpatrick (3)

Welcome to the latest article about an ever growing problem that is copyright theft, fake photographers, stolen images, and yet more worryingly people buying wedding photos and using them as their own work for their business! Today I will be explaining what has been happening, what to expect, and what you can do to spot […]

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Conceptual Photography, Ayrshire Photographer

The image out of the camera with no post production.

As promised is a finished image from our Conceptual Photography project. The project itself is moving on smoothly I am pleased to say and there are a great deal more in this individual set alone to still be worked upon in my spare time. The image was originally designed to denote cold, and winter. Using […]

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Cosmetic and Conceptual Photography, Ayrshire Photographer Anthony Dawson


Say hello to one of the first images from Anthony Dawson Photographys, conceptual photography projects. Here we feature an image entitled Ice Queen which will be part of a greater set of images covering a set theme. Makeup by Amy Ferguson and modelling for us is Lucy Fallon. The conceptual photography we feature here is, […]

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Natural Light, Challenges For Photography

Today, I am going to start explaining some of the effects and difficulties a photographer experiences with light out in the field. To start off, when I say “in the field” I mean anywhere I do not have a studio environment, so things that contribute to the light include lamps, sun, windows, reflective surfaces etc. […]

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Same Sex Marriage Photography Ayrshire and South West Scotland.

On the 4th of February here in Scotland the same sex marriage bill was passed. A landmark in itself and one I intend to announce my support for as a gay friendly wedding photographers. Sadly, as of yet writing this I have not been commissioned for a same sex marriage (or engagement shoot), and sadly […]

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Portpatrick Wedding of Laura and Steve.

Wedding Photography Portpatrick (5)

Today I would like to give you a preview of a small weekend wedding in the picturesque location of Portpatrick, Near Stranraer in Dumfries and Galloway. A late season wedding the weather was anyone’s guess for the day, showing signs of being good and bad (and everything in-between), as it happened it held out for […]

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Tribal Shoot, Personal Project

Hi folks, its been an incredibly busy time for me lately of which I will be happy to explain all when I finish at the end of this month. In the mean time, here are a few images from a personal project I have wanted to get started for quite some time also showing my […]

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Portfolio Photography, Sunset Beach Shoots

There is truly no better time to shoot than now, you have long sunsets, warm weather and beautiful light. And on my door step I seem to have missed a favourable asset that is Girvan Beach. Seriously! I normally avoid sand as it gets everywhere but I think the results of the shoot not intended […]

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Emma and Lee

Today I feature one of my longer distance weddings. I don’t just plod around in Scotland you know! Here we have the small wedding of Emma and Lee, shot entirely at Rogerthorpe Manor in Yorkshire this is one of my weddings from referrals and connections. Having known Emma (and briefly meeting Lee) in a previous […]

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Do You Supply A Second Photographer?

Indeed I can! But I have a fairly strict policy when it comes to sourcing and supplying a second photographer. For me no token photographer or dummy will do, I want a photographer who won’t need to ask “what’s next” and be able to put their own ingenuity, their own creativity into the wedding and whilst they are at it […]

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