Ayrshire Wedding Photographers

Weddings At Dalduff Farm And Barn

Time to cover some Ayrshire weddings at certain Ayrshire wedding venues, starting with one just down the road from me with food so good it leaves me feeling like a hog ready for the roast; Dalduff Barn and Farm. Dalduff Barn (as it trades as for weddings), is one of those little nooks of South […]

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A Few Wedding Photos

Usually, I dont post much in the way of wedding photos on the blog, and leave the galleries to speak for that. I say this as a person who browses blogs, and just seems an endless seem of photos chewing up my bandwidth on my mobile. So here are 3 favourites from last year.  

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New Years Wedding Offer!

Happy New Year to all those visiting. Today I announce the new year’s special offer for all weddings. 10% off the main packages on the site. To qualify for this offer, your wedding has to be in 2017 or 2018, Ayrshire or Galloway, booking one of the main packages listed on the weddings page, and […]

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What’s Involved In Shooting A Wedding?

10 Hour Wedding Total Time Cost

So, what’s involved in shooting a wedding? outside of fancy cameras and being “arty”? Recently I was in discussion with a fellow artist, it was relating to the typical things we do with our lines of work. The one thing that astounded me was that no matter what our particular speciality is there is a […]

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