Changes to UK Legislation, My Rights, Your Rights.

Yesterday was a quite sickening blow to a creative persons rights as another piece of legislation was pushed through by Westminster.
This enterprise legislation in many ways goes on to undermine many things, many jobs, many peoples rights but seen as I am a photographer I am going to focus on what it means for everyones creative productions, which include just about everything from family photos to short stories and sheet music.

If its in the public domain, its fair game.

Why am I putting it on my blog? well in involves everyone, me, my clients, my clients own photographs that they have taken of their children. It is an all encompassing license that if the photographs are viewable in the public domain (including facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram, and any other you can think of) they can be stolen and used in any manner and even profited from if they (the people who copy the photographs) claim that it is an Orphan Work where by the creators details cannot be found.

For more information from people more well versed than me you can look at any of these, and if you don’t like the idea of your facebook being scanned for images to pinch I would suggest lobbying your MP.