Commercial and Corporate Photography

Thanks to my experience in contracts including for Scottish Tourism, I have extensive, tried and tested experience in a broad range of subjects, that I would challenge anyone else to come close to!

Whether it is portrait shots of management and staff, press releases, property and real estate, products, events and sports photography, public relations or out in the wild, having proven to get the results time and again. Each commercial job and its photography is unique and as such the approach needs to be too, from organisation, bringing in models, the finer details of lighting, posing, colouring for effect, and particularly the important point of focus which you want your clients to focus upon.

Just some of my clients include: Ayrshire and Arran, Turnberry, North And South Ayrshire Councils, Chevin Fleet Solutions, Globus, Alpha Solway, Woodward Engineering, House Simple and Savills. To smaller companies like Cosses Country House, The Whisky Experience and many more.

As well as various endorsements from marketing companies and repeated custom from many others who trust us to get the job done, taking us across Scotland. We are also known for our privacy where images shot can have a sensitive nature such as being in research and development. Part of the greater service we offer.

For more information on how we can best serve your business, don’t hesitate to call or email. As you can see we like to keep in the habit of responding quickly.

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We are more than capable of delivering for your business, so why not get in touch about our commercial and corporate photography via contact form below. Remember to include as much information about your goods and services and what you envision so we can help you the best we can.

Pricing Information

Each shoot is unique to you, your business and brand, so no universal price can be applied. But there are standard points that can help you understand what is involved. 

Day Rate – 
All shoots are based on a day rate relative to the size of the organisation. Day rate is assumed on 8 hours of shooting time. There is no hourly or half day rate as only one shoot can be conducted per day because of preparation work, post, transit, site safety evaluations and the inability to take on other work that day.

Mileage –
Outside of a catchment area of 50 miles (uninterrupted driving distance, this is Scotland!), mileage applies.

Expenses – 
Expenses will be met by the client, this covers material costs specific to the brand (such as props, prints, set building), the hiring of actors/models, outside services such as drone or specialist equipment hire, overnight accommodation and ferry/plane/train costs.

Licensing – 
Because of the nature of image use for profit and gain, images produced are subject to licensing fee’s dependent on need. Where this is corporate headshots the licensing is included in the day rates.