Conceptual Photography, Ayrshire Photographer

The image out of the camera with no post production.

As promised is a finished image from our Conceptual Photography project. The project itself is moving on smoothly I am pleased to say and there are a great deal more in this individual set alone to still be worked upon in my spare time.

The image was originally designed to denote cold, and winter. Using white skin, adding frost to the makeup, makeup in the hair to add to the frozen effect and some fantastic contouring makeup by the Artist Amy Ferguson of Ayr. Then to really drum home the look we added some more cooling effects in post production using images of ice, snow, frost to make it look as though you were look through the spy glass of a frozen window leaving the eyes tack sharp to really maintain a connection with the model Luci in the image.

I am certainly pleased with the results thus far, which is nothing short of a miracle for myself being a huge self critic.

And finally, I hope you enjoy it to!

Till next time!

Ice Queen Conceptual Photography
Ice Queen, Conceptual Photography Project

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