Terms and Conditions

All communications submitted to Anthony Dawson photography shall be subject to the following conditions:

Anthony Dawson Photography and associated photographers respect your right to privacy and take active steps in securing this right in accordance with Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. In this respect any details submitted to Anthony Dawson shall not be made available to any third party at any time. Your details will be kept on record with Anthony Dawson for internal purposes. At times Anthony Dawson may wish to email contacts with updates relevant to the company and advertising or follow up emails within its legal rights to do so. It is an individuals right to opt out of such at any time that can be done so by emailing Anthony Dawson via info@anthonydawson.co.uk with the title Opt Out at which point we shall update our records and stop.

At times, Anthony Dawson may wish or need to pass your information on to a third party. Where the instance incurs that Anthony Dawson is unavailable this will be in context of assigning a preferred or recommended photographer to complete the assignment on Anthony Dawson Photography’s behalf. You will be informed and where applicable consulted on such matters. Where the instance occurs that further information needs to be gathered from third parties that would be participating in the provision of goods and services within the enquiry and request of the client this shall be done without consultation in the interests of providing estimations.

Anthony Dawson does not take responsibility for the direct contact made by other individuals or businesses  outside of Anthony Dawson © that is outside of the consultation process. It is the offending companies responsibility to operate within the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, Any such matters should be taken up with the offending company only.

EU Cookie Law.

Cookies are essential to the basic and greater operation of this site, and the latter across the internet. Cookies are also used for the collection of basic information to enhance your user experience. Examples of such data are the browser you are using and your operating system that allows dynamic websites to adjust and improve your user experience, no other information like card processing is collected or stored by the website.

By using the site  you agree to allow the use of cookies on your computer or other electronic device. In the interest of out clients and the users of our website we have security installed into the website to prevent malicious attacks by third parties, and to protect yourselves from being subject to any malware. At no time will this website ask you to install anything, request to download anything to your computer or activate 3rd party (spam) pop ups selling anything. If at any time you do have a pop up like that aforementioned, contact the moderators of the website as soon as possible for investigation into the matter.

It is also worth advising scanning your computer in such an instance that it may be a 3rd party piece of software producing the popups on your device, an example being plugins on Google chrome which can post adverts in free spaces on a website, provide pop ups and create outward links from the website by overlaying text (known as Parsing Links) with software.


All complaints must be submitted in writing to the registered address.
No complaints will be accepted by phone or verbally. This ensures that all complaints have record and can be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.