Things are moving fast and although I am trying to keep up, if anything changes legally please disregard until I have time to update this page.

Currently we have all be advised to stand down. To anyone self employed this is a very difficult time.
However, not waiting for the government to act, I have made arrangements that secure the business, myself and family through this period.

What I am doing:

Having made sure the business is secure by other means, I can say to all clients that when this is over, the shoots you have booked with me will be going ahead. If you are a wedding client, business or other that has to postpone, email me as soon as possible so I can log it and when ready, we can begin to rearrange.

Needless to say, now all shoots are postponed with no clear date as to when we will begin again. But when we do there may be need to continue more extreme procedures in the interest of health. I will repost the list as/when we see change in policy.

When we do come out of this obviously rearranging will be an issue, but pending government support of those facing financial strains with work ceasing, I will also be looking at methods that help the general public to afford services like deferred payment options.

What you can do:

Small businesses like my own really need your support at this time, in any way possible.
A few things you can do:

  • Share my work whenever I post on my social media accounts! This will help a lot.
  • Recommend me and share links to the accounts when anyone asks (or just change the convo and make it about me, that’ll work too i’m sure, plus it helps encourage social distancing in future).
  • Comment on my social media (I do like to chat, plus we can keep imagining bigger and brighter ideas).
  • Help financially.

When I mention financial help, I reached out and asked people via social media if a voucher scheme would be of interest. As there was I have the option now available. I honestly dont expect a massive uptake, but every little helps a business now, and you will be helping them in other ways. By showing there is demand for their services when we return to some sort of normality.

These will be applicable towards any shoot, or printed item in the future.

Voucher Value

You can also do your bit to help by following World Health Organisation guidelines. Volunteer where possible, remember to ring friends, family and those of your neighbours in isolation. I can say personally the cut of social ties is going to hit me considerably, so support structures are important.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this, and any support you have to give.