Dance Photography


Dance is storytelling. Why not the photography?

When I envision dance photographs, it’s always much grander, a bigger statement.
I like it to be striking, and increasingly allow a dancer to convey a story in the shoot.
Through selection of locations, actually creating narratives and making the props as an extension to character.

This is the ethos I have had since I set out looking to shoot my first dance photos.

Not just a photographer, but a dancer

Many of the photographers I admire, are also, or have been dancers. I think it shows, whether its helping with technical expertise or just the imagination, the feeling of motion we all day dream. I’m among them, tap and now ballet (though more a drunken goose than a graceful swan, but I can dream!).

I imagine a performance, the motion against a backdrop, the flutter of the arms, sweeping in and out, the conveyance of strength, intimacy, vulnerability. And I aim to convey this to you the dancer. From there, let your imagination flow and watch what happens.

What happens at a dance photoshoot?

We discuss everything before hand including what inspires you personally. From that we will build up a shoot fitting mutual vision. I advise bringing a few chances of costume including lights and darks. As well as something warm and where water is involved (we do live in Scotland), a towel.


Prices start at £120
For a basic 1-1, 1 hour shoot and 10 finished images of choice, in Ayrshire and Glasgow.
Suitable for most students.

To £500 for a full day and 30 images.

If you are a professional looking for portfolio images, professional rates apply.

Additional images are purchasable at a reasonable rate.

I also arrange group shoots with bigger ideas from time to time, so keep your eyes keen for those! and special offers.

Kind words

Excellent experience for my 14 year old son who had chosen Anthony Dawson Photography for a ballet dance photo shoot. The location was perfect, a friendly, professional approach from first contact to completion of the shoot onto the choosing of final shots (which was hard as they were all amazing). Would highly recommend as the final outcome is outstanding whilst unique to the model. 5 Stars

Professional shoot, daughter felt at ease, as well as suggesting ideas also listened to what my daughter wanted, really quick viewing of images, delighted with the results. Would definitely recommend to other dancers to build their portfolio or just for amazing memories.

Professional and reliable photographer highly recommended with 5 stars.

Recommend for dance portfolio, model portfolio and themed projects. Regular contact, discussion and planning for individual shoots provided. Alternative arrangements in place for weather and venue. Excellent on location photographic shoots provided with appropriate equipment to gain the best images.

Excellent service for updating model or dance portfolio.

Promote editing and delivery of final images.