Do You Supply A Second Photographer?

Indeed I can!
But I have a fairly strict policy when it comes to sourcing and supplying a second photographer.

For me no token photographer or dummy will do, I want a photographer who won’t need to ask “what’s next” and be able to put their own ingenuity, their own creativity into the wedding and whilst they are at it really contribute to the final result from the big day. And I price accordingly.

This is something I tell all my clients when I ask, and its something I genuinely believe in! which is why I choose to bring in other wedding photographers with their own skills and equipment they are comfortable and well practiced in using (cod example, if I swapped brands tomorrow I would be snookered by the change in button setup!). The other thing is it stops the chance of “flakes”.

To describe a “flake” and the reason I do not take any student or similar on is, well, they’re just not reliable! seriously! most times I refer to the client was not charged but these kids wanted a chance to try it and as it was not a role where I was expecting results so they could observe, play and learn. And not one showed up, which was always commented on and probably did not reflect well on me having asked permission for said students to be there.

Of course, if there are any other questions, or anything you think could be raised or added to this post to make it even better let me know by email and I will look into it!

Cheers for reading and call back soon.



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