Easter Holidays Availability.

Hi everyone, and thanks for checking back.
With the easter holidays fast approaching, so here is an update on what I have planned.

Commissioned Work:

I have certain commision work in my books, there are models portfolios booked.
I am also taking requests for portraiture, with the spring being here (albeit variably) its a great time for environmental portraits.

Private Photography Projects

I currently have a long list of personal projects that I would like to shoot with the spring weather, and blooms. If you want to see some of my inspiration, you can be taken to my Pinterest by looking to the links above, or clicking here.

If you would like to model for me in my projects, or assist in other ways, get in touch by my contact form:
http://www.anthonydawson.co.uk/contact/ If you are local all the better, and you get photos out of it! But its really important you have an interest in the idea to be shot, that makes a world of difference to the outcome.

I am shooting a gothic themed shoot on the rocks this weekend, should involve mirrors, lacy stuff, some self cut masks, hopefully a bit of wind and a lot of contrasty flash.
Pictures naturally will follow.

Also got a shoot with a gorgeous redhead, with a contrast of blue and chiffon in collaboration with a local Makeup artist Olivia Lee hopefully to be finalised this coming week.

Finally got another shoot of yet another member of a family that just seems to be full of models. Before long they are going to make up a bulk of my portfolio on the subject (not that I would complain, professional, and sterling looks!).

Family Time

And obviously being Easter, and having a family I will be having family time, chasing bunnies, digging for eggs, and haggling with tooth fairies for the best price.
Fortunately the family is also very forgiving of my creative nature, so much so they get involved and consult me on ideas.

Community Actions

I have been heavily involved in my local community, Carrick and Ayrshire, a lot of my work is driven with the idea of helping the area and people that have helped me. I have more than a few things booked over easter where you might spot me. One such that is open is an Archery Taster Session, at Girvan Academy, Wednesday the 5th, from I believe 1:30?


This should give you an insight into what I am up to over easter.
If you want to get involved, get in touch with me ASAP.

Thanks for visiting.