Fashion Photography


What is fashion photography? The most basic of descriptions is photography of clothing and other items. But around the world its seen and varies so much, from photographer to photographer, stylist to stylist, location to location.

It can be as varied and beautiful as the fashions featured.

Now to be open, one of the most important things to consider is: will this photographer achieve the look I need? It’s a big question and one I encourage you to consider where other photographers won’t.

There are generally a few points to consider, of which the first should be; what is the end use of the images?

  • Is this photography going to be for an editorial? Where a bright, striking other worldly look is prefered to grab attention?
  • Will these photos be used in a catalogue for the sale of a finished item?

A few other connected questions should be:

  • What is my budget for this (the most crazy, the bigger the team, more materials and props to add).
  • What is the time scale (is this to be shot for a publication next week? This happens a lot more often than most would realise).
  • What your vision of your work?
  • In the case of something for final sale, who is the end client?
  • Is there a story behind your fashion line?
  • What is the backdrop?
  • Is there something cultural (aka like Scottish Tartan).

These are all points I will discuss with you when looking to develop a photoshoot to your needs. On this we usually develop a moodboard to move forward on. I can bring sketches, materials and a props list to you, or just a pinterest board to you. They are very useful.

This can all come as consultation prior to any quotations, so if you’re ready to get in touch, head to the contact page and lets start brainstorming.

Finally, when it comes to locations as you might see from my portfolio, you’re getting something unique. When shooting in Scotland I am privy to some secret, beautiful and unique locations that this wonderful country can provide. And I cant find these on google street maps. It takes hiking and scouting to find.
Another unique service.