First Time Model, Gaynor

First Time Modelling, say hello to new model; Gaynor!

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away I photographed Gaynor’s sister Rebecca when she was starting out (and hired her for commercial shoots too), so to be recommended and get a phone call from her sister looking to dip her toe in the modelling world put a smile on my face.

One of the most important things in modelling, is not looks, but professionalism. Its a trait that seems to run in the family and one of the things that makes it a pleasure working with them.
Gaynor like most new to modelling took a little warm up, working through the general ideas of posture and posing (key elements to looking your best), but took to it well by the end picking up and taking initiative adjusting poses slightly between shots.

The weather, being shot at the back end of winter was, testing.
The sun was fleeting at the best of times (but when it did come out, it was beautiful for back lighting), and naturally it was cold, and the ground was in a perpetual state of wetness. A test for any team of people shooting!

The first image I will show you, is one of 2 personal favourites (the second being the second, because of the sun flare giving it a atmospheric glow most only achieve in post production).
I altered the background from the ever green to red in no small part because it framed Gaynor that much better, particularly with the greeny/blue top, giving clear separation between the model and background.

Gaynor Model, Girvan, Ayrshire by Barry Anthony Dawson


Second favourite, honestly with this one I could not see what I was shooting.
When you wear glasses, or sun glasses, sometimes you notice a sort of foggy haze when the sun hits them a certain way?
Well, that is the case with camera lenses too, in this case it should have been an image for the bin but one tiny adjustment in post and it just went BANG.

I cannot explain the feeling this image has, but its so appealing.

Gaynor Modelling, From Girvan Ayrshire, Shot At Culzean.

Outshine The Sun

Finally, an image that is A: beautiful, B: endearing, C: clever. This is an example of posture, the way a pose can enhance a persons features.

Copyright Barry Anthony Dawson


I am always looking for local models, we have many great places to shoot locally and no shortage of people, professional, skilled, smart and photogenic.
Times like these, working with Gaynor is not only a privilege, but fun and a time of learning and improvement for myself as well.

So if you would like to try out as a model, get in touch with me to arrange a shoot.