Future Collaborations

Welcome back, I am currently in the processes of trying to arrange multiple shoots for my portfolio in the coming months.
With the idea in mind that many people who model, do the makeup and design some of the props will be out of education and also want to get involved doing what they love, as well as finally getting some props of my own finished that I cannot wait to get featured!

I am looking for people in Ayrshire, or frankly anywhere in Scotland who want to take part in this.

As it currently stands I really need reliable models, as I have a few prop makers to hand wanting to show of their creations like the frankly amazing works of Eva Marie who you can find out about her made to order headpieces clicking here.

I am also in discussion with some dress makers, so might be doing a bridal shoot, and finally will be wanting to do some things very theme driven, and some things very fantasy or surreal based.

For more information, get in touch ASAP

Oh and incase you dont follow my social feeds of my works,,, here is a shot of one of my own headpieces in the early stages of production!