Modelling, Dancing & Acting Portfolios

Welcome to my model portfolio photography and fashion photography section of the website.

Whether you are an aspiring model looking to start a career, enhance your portfolio or just looking for a fun experience we have something individual to offer you. Alternately, if you are an agency, make up artist, hair stylist, fashion designer of publicist we have something to offer you to, so take a look and see what we produce bearing in mind we are constantly evolving and improving our work, capabilities and skills as fashion and portfolio photographers.

Depending on individual cases we price accordingly though to get the best results we always look to employ a team to any shoot including hair and makeup to provide a really polished look to the final images.

Models Portfolio Book

Model portfolios are just that, a portfolio photography showing the work you have undertaken, an ideal portfolio for any model, photographer, stylist or make-up artist shows an ability to be able to apply themselves to a variety of work so requires such. We can give anyone a kick start setting up your portfolio or alternatively adding to your portfolio. We can do a basic setup or go full out and pull in a team.
Get in touch for more information, pricing and to book.

Dancing Portfolio

A great way of showing off your talent and to advertise yourself! Or just for fun (because we dont dance for no reason).
Form, function, grace and motion can all be captured photographically, it’s great for engaging your audience and another form of expression as a creative.

With experience shooting modern, contemporary, ballet and acrobatic there is a wide range of options for you. And even if you dont fit these genres, get in touch!

Oh and a well known secret, is that I am a tap dancer myself.
If you have a love for dance like I do, want to experiment with your ideas and vision, then we will get on like a house on fire!

Test Shoots

Test shoots are  a chance for creative parties to go out, test skills, working practices and styles and to evaluate areas for ideas and improvement in personal development. For models and model portfolios this is a great chance to test what you know and learn the ropes, get a feel for what’s involved for the job and to see if you want to consider progressing in the area.
Test shoots are also available to Hair and Make-up Artists, as well as helping the individuals portfolio, its a good way to assess working styles and the ability to work as a team which is vitally important when it comes to commercial assignments.
For more information, pricing and to book get in contact anytime.

Fashion Photography

Where fashion photography is concerned we have our own style as well as versatility and a long line of commercial experience so not only have a level of photographic skill but a deep understanding of aesthetics and commercial requirements for a variety of clients. With the addition of organisational and people skills we aim to be progressive in our working practices.
For more information on how we can benefit your business or brand as a designer please get in contact for more information and to open discussion on how best to help you.

Actors Head Shots

Head shots are required for casting, agency profiles and self promotion, They need to be clean showing you exactly as you are.

This is important as when I cast for jobs, everything is taken into account including perceived age, hair colour, eye colour, bone structure, skin, and many other decisions in the interest of others involved including hair and makeup.

Example being you might need hair extensions or a wig, more or less time in makeup, even skin colour is important to be accurately represented (thats a fake tan warning).

So dont miss out on getting less than the best headshots for the job. 

And if in doubt, seriously chat with an agency. 

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Want Some More Information?

Make sure to check out some of the articles written to help you. 
We have some great posts covering aspects of modeling and I try to keep adding to my open database of knowledge to help you all out there.

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Other Useful Terms

There are so many contrasting terms and branches when it comes to media production. The very basics have been covered here, but some other points of interest for you might include:

  • Fit Model (A model who meets an industry standard size for fashion designers).
  • Haute Couture (essentially expensive fashion)
  • A Models Look Book
  • Head Sheets 
  • Runway / Catwalk Models
  • Age Category (the age range you appear to be, can be 5-7 years either side your actual age).
  • Beauty Shot (like a headshot but with excellent makeup and simple hairstyle).