Photoshoot With Nichola

Today I am featuring a photoshoot with Nichola.
I am always looking for new energetic and trustworthy models, as well as those looking for a new experience. If any of this sounds like your kind of thing, get in touch to test shoot.

So, back to Nichola’s photoshoot.

Nichola is a newcomer, aspiring model looking for the experiences and was a blank canvas in every respect.
Among the things we ran through, was a speed lesson in understanding the lighting around her which helps posing transitions, poses in general, posture and the effect it can have on appearance (which is a lot), a few tips on word interpretation, and try to get her off to a good start.

Its a lot to take in that has taken me years to really incorporate into my work, so I know the task at hand for new models to really understand and use all this information.


The weather? well it turned for the worst just as we arrived at the location of the photoshoot, an additional test for us both!
The wind turned cold and picked up, securing equipment down which act like giant parachutes was a constant task.
I had my own shaking to contend with the cold and so did Nichola!

BUT, I think we got some great results working with what we had, in conditions less than favourable that could put anyone off.

Also helps for people coming into this as a first experience to get the most out of it that they can, and non amateurish photos at the end making the effort feel worthwhile.
A risk always faced when looking for photographers.

So, time to kick back, and take a look at what came out.


Like the results? want to try your hand at it?
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