Portfolio and Modeling Shooting in the Snow

A photo-shoot in the snow can be fun, a lot of fun but like all shoots its hard work for all involved, and this is doubly so with the added cold so today I am going to talk about keeping safe, keeping warm and having fun.

First off snow being the fickle thing it is it can come and go in hours or days, and although you may think you can shoot when its snowing you really cannot! its hellishly uncontrollable and can make an image look like fog. Simple reason being its often being carried by a wind so none of this lovely vertical snow flakes.

Its best to have some plan of what you want to achieve and aim to do it, this gives focus and keeps exposure to the cold to an absolute minimum allowing you and the crew to duck in and out of warmth between setups, where as making it up as you go along can leave everyone blue (and prone to muscle spasms).

I am going to sound like your mum now but watch for ice! don’t want anyone getting hurt or any trips to the hospital and the same goes for the cold. And don’t panic when I set off like a mountain goat with no sense of danger, that’s normal for me with a camera in my hand.

Dress for the occasion! I can guarantee I will be dressed in 3 jumpers, 8 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of gloves, arms and leg warmers.  Where hair and make-up is concerned its best to do it in a closed environment (aka in a house) then touching up on location. Models depending on what genres are being shot have something toasty that can be thrown on and off at the ready.

Finally FOOD! Oh how I love the genre, its a shame I don’t get to photograph much of it as it would be one for the photo and one for me! On a serious note though, working in cold you use a lot of calories! trust me on that one I have a long working history of obscure hours and cold and it really ramps up your appetite, and its foolish not to so take a buffet with you! I personally find anything you can snack and that stores well is the best option, sandwiches unless made fresh I find even kept in a cool bag can go stagnant pretty quick.

COOL DOWN, when finished its important to get some where warm, feet up, hot drink to get your core temp back up (this applies particularly to the models).

Other than that, keep safe, keep warm and don’t forget to have fun!