Emma and Lee

Today I feature one of my longer distance weddings. I don’t just plod around in Scotland you know!

Here we have the small wedding of Emma and Lee, shot entirely at Rogerthorpe Manor in Yorkshire this is one of my weddings from referrals and connections. Having known Emma (and briefly meeting Lee) in a previous life I was honoured to be booked for their wedding. 2 of the most self concious people I know they really were a beautiful couple genuinely unaware of the fact.

We start off with the bridal preparations, a very calm activity, everyone was content and happy and aside from the occasional skip of the heart beat there were no nerves.

The theme continued through the day and the crowd were great through out. And to top it off I think the photographs are beautiful (though I may be biased).

I think you will agree by my samples, they make a beautiful couple. And some times simplicity is key.


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Thanks for viewing!