Some Model Portfolio Photography!

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Today, let’s take a look at our model Natasha modelling fashion. Well our own take on it!

This was a shoot concept that has been sort of developing over the past 2>3 years and will continue to with time.

The basic concept was black lace with the intent of it being moody, with lots of sharp contrast to the images.
The original plan involved balloons, face lace, a mirror, smoke machine and more moody makeup. But time wise between us we had just under 2 hours with which to work in. Add to that no assistant and a big cliff to climb down with many kits bags you get an idea of the the task.


Despite the odds, this modelling shoot came out great, at least we both think so.

Spot of flash through a through a diffuser created a softer fill against the harshness of the sun.

And Natasha loved the willow crown, a prop I have been sitting on 6 months waiting for the right types of shoot to incorporate it into.
Though with a addition of some flowers by a florist (hint to any florists reading) it can be made into a beautifully intricate flower crown.

Finally ducking into some shaded areas that were lit by the light reflecting in nearby pools, it was a rather beautiful light to work with (again with a spot of flash to fill).

Subsequently, Natasha said she was not a particularly creative person, but as we worked she threw in her own ideas, poses, locations and helped to carry the idea forward.
So much for not being creative, and I argue nobody is incapable of being creative, we merely have our own unique niche’s.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the results, and call back soon!