Swimwear Model & Beach Photography

Beach Bikini Modelling Photoshoots Ayrshire, Scotland

Say hello to today’s swimwear model Paula.

Its not very often I get personal shoots where I get to play, and examine and learn.
But this was one of those days, and one of those shoots featuring today’s model Paula.

Paula had contacted me previously about a certain beach image with a model backlit against a red and orange sky, which on that particular shoot was a mere stroke of luck!
To get that shot (you can spot it easy), you need a spatter of cloud, a sunset on a clear horizon and the colours cast by it. It might not seem a lot but when the window is typically 10>20 minutes tops that this will be available? you’re more likely to win the health lottery.

But we did try, and try some other types of shot previously not managed either by time or weather of clothing.

Since previous shoots I have managed to find an almost idyllic secluded spot on our vast coastline of Scotland that is also extremely quiet, which if you are doing this kind of shoot puts you at ease if you dont want onlookers (which is only inherent curiosity of people to be fair). Add in the sun disappearing and my having to turn to flash to fill, you can gather a few reasons people would be curious.

So what did we aim for? well I wanted some shots of the waves splashing, general movement. I dont think this beach is the most ideal as its rather steep so tends to loose all energy and lapping of waves you would usually get on the likes of Girvan beach when the tide is coming in.

Beach Photography

I also wanted to play with some poses.

As it is things like clothing and the way it drapes and moves are no longer there as a distraction or a leading feature in an image, so the finer details of where hands are placed, arms bend, shadow are cast and other posture have a much stronger effect. Aimed to address some of this in the following 2 shots but were faced with another interesting challenge that was the type of bikini set.



Finally a play with hair flicks, which being totally honest needs much longer hair to pull off the shot.
When its shorter it flicks well enough, but is not long enough to carry a long encompassing trail after the head has already levelled out.

So another experience for you all of some of the work and ideas I have, how I think, what I do.
I do my best to try and keep it coherent for you all but being of an artistic mindset its seldom easy when a mind is full of images, motion and emotion with few words to encompass it.

But I thank you for reading, and looking at my work.