Swimwear Photography, and Beach Photoshoots

Sea and Beach Modelling, professional photo shoot Ayrshire

For years I have been neglecting the coastline we are actually blessed with (forgetting the midge), and a few weeks back we got a break in the weather!

So were out on a, all be it windy day, a couple of bikini sets, with the brave model Alison who was a star and a saint.

The weather was  patchy, the wind was high, the waves were actually a little too strong and even I got soaked by a crashing wave (sorry people, no photos of that), but we managed to get 2 sets in bikinis, a couple of different looks, some with just the ambient light, a reflector (that was like a sail in the wind) and a few with flash like the header image there which IS straight out of the camera. As Alison will attest to I had a geeky happy moment when I saw that on the back of the camera. And now its on my list to try and get more like it!

So get in  touch if you want to be involved in that.

First image, obviously posed on a rock (its a rocky coast, kind of the point), with waves crashing in the background, backlit and exposing for the shadows of the image you get this gorgeous glow and blown out sky and there is always a naturally warm tone to these shots when done right.

Model Portfolio Photography Ay
Model Portfolio Photography Ayr

Second required fill light to see the model at all, here we stuck to a sheltered area in terms of the wind and this was one of the warm up shots getting the model comfortable, building up her understanding of directions, posting and lighting (my kingdom for an assistant trying to find a sturdy spot for a light stand).

Swimwear Photography For Anthony Dawson Photography
Swimwear and Beach/Coastal Modelling.

Finally a shot, much like the feature shot. Aside from taking out a few stray hairs in camera and a bit of skin tone adjustment its once again, striaght out of camera, and using flash to fill with the sun creating the warming flare in the background.

Anthony Dawson Photography
Swimwear Photography and Modelling Portfolios By Anthony Dawson Photography

Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

Thanks for dropping by and remember to check back and book Anthony Dawson Photography, Ayr and Ayrshire photographer.