Wedding Photography

Over a decade of experience, working with people from across the globe choosing Scotland for their wedding. For many its romantic lochs and castles, others? the importance of their privacy. I photograph only a select number of weddings per year, a conscious and creativity driven choice on my part.

This methodology allows me to really invest time, mentally and creatively into your wedding. Freeing me from the production line of many for whom this is their sole source.

The Wedding Business

When it comes to wedding photography, things are kept simple here, you pay for the day, you get your photographs delivered digitally. Then if you want anything else like an album, you can purchase separately.

In a world of packages with 20 albums, half a dozen prints etc, this allows you to have what is truly of value to you.

Wedding Prices

There are 2 base packages to suit need, a half day and a full day.

Half Day Wedding Fee £700
5 hours coverage start to finish. Ideal for most smaller weddings.

Full Day Wedding Fee £900
9 hours coverage from start to finish.

Optional Extras

Wedding Live Stream
With the ongoing epidemic, most weddings wont be able to host the numbers they used to. So now live streaming of the ceremony is an option available. To current and future clients, though will be subject to a quality internet connection.

Absolute Privacy
Many who travel to Scotland, do so to get away. Normally all wedding contracts allow photographers to use images for self promotion. The option of absolute privacy can be bought.

Photos In Print
Not being tied to a specific manufacturers, the options for print are limitless. Let me know what you are looking for, there will be options out there suiting your style.