Weddings At Dalduff Farm And Barn

Dalduff Wedding Photography Maybole Ayrshire Scotland Anthony Dawson Photography

Time to cover some Ayrshire weddings at certain Ayrshire wedding venues, starting with one just down the road from me with food so good it leaves me feeling like a hog ready for the roast; Dalduff Barn and Farm.

Dalduff Barn (as it trades as for weddings), is one of those little nooks of South Ayrshire and Carrick that if you werent looking, you’d miss it.
And yet it is arguably one of the best little independent family run ones in Ayrshire in my opinion.

Being run by the family, you can feel the pride of their goods and service, it reflects in the staff, and the service they provide, and over the years of operation so far has evolved to become something quite special and unique.

From a photography perspective, the lack of light in the barn (shooting to ambient) is a hard bit of work, but its hard to argue that it doesn’t produce its own very unique look that you dont get in other venues (that can be uniquely rustic and flattering with the soft light bouncing off the walls). Externally and with the old house it is a little treasure trove, as you might notice I have a bias to one of the walls, the metal barn has scope for lots of creative license, the gardens offer a good vista to host groups, and if I had an infinite amount of time could arguably spend all day just shooting the bride and groom.

But its a wedding, so a hundred guests and all the trimmings have to be shot as well, ce la vie!

So onto the photos:
Most recent example of a wedding there involved a local lass which is always something special to me, you never realise how well you are connected to Girvan and the surrounding communities until you attend a wedding where every other person you meet, you know through some respect.

The ceremony shot inside the barn, on a very hot and bright summers day the entire room was being lit by the single door! those white walls did throw a lot of beautiful light about, but some areas were more equal than others.. And with this wedding it showed just how flexible and creative the owners were, who came up with a clever layout for all the guests to fit in literally surrounding the bride and groom.

However hosting this wedding had such huge numbers that Dalduff Barn couldn’t really fit, there had to be a tent hired which frankly looked like it belonged there, I went a few days before to see it being set up and it was amazing how it slotted in with the charm, and almost seamlessly fitting in with the flow of the guests around the various buildings, seating, little log fires, and bar.

Theres that wall I mentioned, with all its charm and largely unspoiled surrounding that gives a somewhat classic look I love. Add in that its in the shade most of the day allowing me to control the lighting, I can have a lot more fun!

Then there is this vista, whats known as a blank space generally which tends to keep eyes solely on you! But really should get some by the new barn, there is seriously a lot of playtime there if I could get a couple thats had professional dance training. Think that is a massive hint to some reading this that I have big ideas for you!

Then there is the dance floor. I bring my own lighting for this one…. This is again the old Dalduff Barn where most of the service is provided in its rather unique and challenging T shape.
Its big, its solid, and the acoustics I think are rather good!

And onto some older ones, back when they sat on hay bales in an open barn which frankly the lighting was beautiful and I dont think I will ever have photos as unusual and aesthetically pleasing as these in such a setting again!

Dalduff Farm’s more modern barn from a few years back (it’s been completely refitted). Seriously, it’s a breeze block wall and some bunting, but being free from distraction, with superbly flattering light you couldn’t ask for better to keep your focus on the moment!

And there’s one of the walls of Dalduff Farm again. With all its Ayrshire charm.

AND proof you dont need to have a wedding in the summer to get a similarly beautiful image. To be fair to this bride, she was from australia and had never seen such buildings before so it was really important to capture that for her.