Why Get Into Modelling?

Nicole Pogmore

Why Get Into Modelling?

Is a question I asked models far and wide, having worked with models of all ilks, from those for commercial jobs, complete newbies to the job, people looking just for some fun photos, or people that answer castings intrigued in the artistic process I thought it would be helpful to understand the reasoning people do it to satiate my own curiosity, and to help my readers out there.

Over the past few years I have been asking and collating answers from people where I get answers.
Of those that replied online included many that now only shoot for pay, those that to this day purely pose for fun, the answers varied slightly but for all of them they only spoke positively of it and for most it was about confidence boosting. So I intend to feature a few examples here of various extremes, from young to old, those who really love fine art to others who do art nude and fetish.

What our do the featured models say?

To start, I will feature a young model named Chloe who I asked a few questions on how exactly she got into modelling, why, and what she felt about it.

I was scouted in st enochs shopping centre 2 years ago, aged 14 my parents felt I was too young then. When 16 we sent a picture away and got signed and I love it really really enjoy it. I have met the best people models Mua and photographers .
I am very quiet and feel it’s helped me to be more confident. As i’m 16 the agency insist I have a chaperone which my parents are happy about ?
I’m 5″10 too so everyone always said r u a model so I think that influenced me too ?

Chloe being a very active model is one I have earmarked to follow up on in a year or so to see how her general experience has developed the more experiences she has. As well as after I have shot her myself which is on the books for the future!

Scottish Model Chrissie Red, a model who specialises now in Artistic Nude work but has done a variety of work over the years, she gives us a very clear cut message on her experience:

When I started it was just for fun.

I had bad anxiety problems and the only time I wasn’t “anxious” was when I was doing a photoshoot. It’s thanks to modelling I’ve been able to overcome many of my silly anxieties.  
Plus – although many like models to just stand there looking pretty I found that I when I started out (and even now) I’m often able to come up with ideas and its lovely seeing them in a finished image.

Even now I still get a massive “buzz” when I see fabulous finished images. Despite me being paid 99% of the time I still model because I find the process fun, I don’t think I would put up with the shit weather if it wasn’t as enjoyable as it is.

Another reason is that I’ve met some wonderful people and also learned a bit about photography myself..

Another was Scottish Model Kitty Quinzell,

It brought me out of my shell originally, now it’s a form of artistic output, everybody needs some form of art in their lives and to do something solely for theme selves, for me modelling is it.

What to take from our featured models?

From this I hope it gives a little encouragement to others thinking they would like to experience modelling, it can look big, and scary, and you may not think you have what it takes but its certain at one point neither did these models. And there in lies the point! modelling is not restricted to the cat walks, big magazines or others, for many it is an artistic output and an extension of themselves. As I see it when shooting, particularly personal projects it is not simply all my doing, it is a collaborative event of many minds that evolves and grows and thats part of what I love about it, and would love to share with others.

So if anyone is interested, get in touch, I would love to hear from you and look forward to working with you in our beautiful part of the country.

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